Donnie Jr Doesn’t Fall Far From The Double Talking Trump Tree

Liar Liar hey I’m wearing Dad’s pants and they’re on fire!

Oh that meeting, you mean the one at Trump Tower when I invited my brother in-law Jared and our much more experienced Campaign Manager Paul Manafort. Oh yeah, and my Father didn’t know anything about it even though it was at Trump Tower and my Dad may or may not have been home at the time, I really can’t remember but he did tell me right before the meeting that he thought the Russian lawyer was a hot piece of ass and I should “move on her like a bitch” if you know what I mean with the locker room bus talk (wink). But hey, listen, the real reason I met with the Russian lawyer in the first place was because I was told she had some dirt on Hillary and that makes perfect sense right? I mean that I would secretly meet at Trump Tower with a sexy Russian lawyer friend of a family acquaintance I previously met at a 2013 Moscow beauty pageant who was to have some dirt to dish on Hillary and I mean that was the only reason which makes it all completely normal and okay since I can’t help what someone sends me in an email.

As it turned out the Kremlin linked lawyer didn’t really have the alternative facts on Hillary, so instead we talked about adopting babies.


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