RIP Gorilla Harambe. Senseless Killing at Cincinnati Zoo

The parents are to blame. This killing should not have happened and the injured boy’s parents must be charge with child endangerment and all children removed from their care.

They are unfit, there are no acceptable excuses for this killing. Harambe is an innocent victim, how did this happen? Human neglect and stupidity. I have zero compassion or sympathy for this boy’s family. For every action there re consequences. Where is the justice? The parent’s actions (or lack of) caused the death of an innocent caged animal. Harambe did not deserve to die this way.

My heart breaks for Harambe and the Cinci Zoo staffer who had to make a split second decision to pull the trigger and end Harambe’s life. Thankfully the boy will survive, the parents should face charges for Harambe’s death.

We humans put Harambe in this situation, ultimately we are responsible for his life.


UPDATE 05/29/2016 Boy’s Family Issues Statement (WKRC Cincinnati)

The family of the child who fell into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo has issued the following statement: “We are so thankful to the Lord that our child is safe. He is home and doing just fine. We extend our heartfelt thanks for the quick action by the Cincinnati Zoo staff. We know that this was a very difficult decision for them, and that they are grieving the loss of their gorilla. We hope that you will respect our privacy at this time.”

That’s it huh? Nothing else to say? Wow.

Raw video from

mother of boy, harambe

If this Michelle Gregg is in fact the boy’s mother, it’s obvious she is not remorseful or accepting any responsibility for the direct cause of Harambe’s death. She thanks God which I guess makes everything okay (for her). Gregg better be thanking God if she somehow escapes criminal charges for this 100% avoidable killing of a gorilla confined in an enclosure, his domain. Sadly for him, this was his home.

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Cincinnati Zoo Director News Conference on Gorilla Shooting

Koko’s non-companion Ndume is owned and mismanaged by the Cincinnati Zoo.