About Johnny Safkow

2013-11-07 00.26.34

My resume is long, really long. I’ve never not worked. My prior work experience includes a variety of positions. Here is a partial list; pancake flipper, steel mill laborer, pool boy, insurance underwriting, travel agent, press operator at a box factory, ferry boat worker, Ball bearing factory worker (i.e. worked in a ball bearing factory), Speedo wearing cocktail waiter at Key West gay resort, mystery shopper, retail, manager for charter airline, model, flight attendant for United Airlines, and even a gig working as Gorilla Caregiver for “show me your nipples” Koko and her non-companion Ndume. Surprisingly, going from cranky airline passengers to cranky gorillas isn’t much of a stretch. The similarities boggle the mind, we really haven’t evolved all that much.

This is my life, my journey, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Well maybe one thing, I’d have a “smooth swimmers build”.

3 thoughts on “About Johnny Safkow

  1. no child chooses circumcision – all we can do is educate parents on the effects it can have on their sons throughout their lives.

  2. Thanks Julia, same goes for being gay and having ADHD (wink).

  3. I like the pics of your dogs. My little blonde Chihuahua girl daughter Honey Bee died two years ago August. She was my soul mate, and I still talk about her every day. I miss her so much it physically hurts. So I know what you went through with your two. Just wanted to check in. Found you through a link in a comment on a YouTube video about Koko. Much love, Jen

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