Welcome to my first blog entry!

Allendale Park, 38th and Avondale, East Oakland

38th and Allendale, East Oakland

Today is yet another gorgeous Sunday in the bay area. It’s quite awful really, the sun is shining and it’s 70 degrees. Normally this would be awesome summer weather, but it’s winter time, and our rainy season. We’re all out of whack. We need rain, and lots of it. The above picture is from last winter and I miss the normal bay area seasonal rainy days and soggy nights.

The above picture is from last winter and I miss the normal bay area seasonal rainy days and soggy nights.

Speaking of rain, while in the shower I decided to get the blogging juices flowing at a local coffee shop where bloggers blog and coffee drinkers drink. Not wasting water or time I was out of the shower after only a few minutes and jumped into some jeans, hopped on the scooter, and headed over to the World Ground Coffee House on MacArthur in Oakland’s Laurel District.

Feeling all ‘bloggety’ I order coffee and look for a nice quiet blogging spot to roost. Now this is not an easy task since I’m anxious and the ADHD was already kicking in. Finding the perfect spot is challenging since I’m looking for possible distractions while being distracted. Or rather I’m distracted while looking for potential set-ups for distraction. This process is very OCD-like and goes like this:

1. Do not sit facing the door or you’ll watch everyone coming and going.

2. Do not face the cashier area or you’ll monitor what everyone orders.

3. Do not sit near the window, well,,,,, because it’s a window.

Right then I notice the thermostat on a column in the center of the main room. Attached was a hand written note “Do Not Touch” and then I wonder if anyone touches it during the course of the day? I also try to check the temp reading for accuracy. I wanted to touch it.

My distraction is interrupted when I hear “coffee’s ready sir”. I picked up my order and resumed my search for the perfect spot to create. Everything’s got to be just right. People are talking or I hear voices. I scan the room  to check if voices are talking to each other, only in my head, or on their own separate phone calls. This is important, I cannot participate or ignore the one sided phone call while I’m trying to focus. I tell myself ‘focus John, focus. You can do this’ as I meander into a quieter room toward the back. Perfect! Only one other bloggy looking person pecking away at his laptop.

I settle in at my spot and open up the notebook only to realize I forgot my glasses at home and can barely see the text. Shit! I don’t let that stop me, I’m committed to this! And so it goes, I’m in the moment, and I’m blogging. That is until I hear a toilet flush. Looks like I’m too far back.

After a few minutes I notice someone get up from a nice looking spot in the main room and I think I’d rather be there. I see someone picking up their order. They glance over at the spot I’m eye-balling. Oh, no you don’t! I scoop up my gear and knock the chair over backwards causing quite a commotion.

Once moved in to the new spot I try some deep breathing and focus on my work. Head down, focus John focus. Looking down at the table surface I’m thinking it could use a refinishing, but maybe it’s suppose to look like this? Looking around, it seems to match the others more rustic look, so that’s one less thing I have to worry about.

Okay, back to the blog. I felt guilty leaving the girls behind. They love going out and people watching. The girls are my BFF’s Ruth and Nina. They’re chihuahuas, but not the yappy kind. They’re older mellow gals, and if I could I’d take them everywhere with me.

Oh, that reminds me I need to pick up both canned and kibble dog food today,

Now, where was I? Oh yes, I was blogging about starting a blog. I think that’s the direction I was going anyway, but now I’m not sure. Glad they’ve propped the cafe door open to the street. The air feels good and I enjoy street noise. Now you might think street noise would be a distraction for ADDers right? But no, not for me. There are certain noises that act as ‘white noise’ or background noise. These noises help me focus. This goes for work too, I try to place myself in a cubicle in the main office area where there’s lots of foot traffic, noise, and action. If I’m in a space with only one or a few others I end up focusing more on their movements and sounds, and less on my work and the task at hand.

I like the vibe here, sitting in a cafe blogging I mean. I only wish it was raining out. We need the rain. I need water. Yes, I’m thirsty. And hungry too. Did I eat lunch?

I have laundry to do. What the fuck am I doing siting in a coffee shop?

5 thoughts on “Welcome to my first blog entry!

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere!

    The back room at Royal Ground in Laurel is a good spot to run into Jean Quan’s husband holding community meetings.

  2. Home now and hating my headline, “Welcome to my first blog entry”. How original and thought provoking. And so lame.

  3. Finally!!!! Johnny Safkow must be in Blog Form!
    Very nice my friend! And love the title of the first entry! 🙂
    I’ll let friends and family know! Keep it up!

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