‘Gorilla Mountain’, the Make Believe Home of Koko and Ndume

Koko, image from Koko.org

Koko, image from Koko.org

“Gorilla Mountain” is what Gorilla Foundation staffers call the tiny spot on the map where Koko and Ndume reside near Redwood City, CA. Some outsiders will refer to it as a sanctuary. Gorilla Mountain is anything but a sanctuary. Basically, the gorilla compound consists of three dated trailers attached to a depressing outdoor enclosure where the two gorillas can never hang out at the same time. Yes, you’re reading that correctly; for years Koko and Ndume have been denied togetherness. Rare and limited opportunities for socialization takes place through bars and solid steel gates.

How I Ended Up on Gorilla Mountain

I started part-time mid March, 2010 and admittedly didn’t do a great deal of research prior. Why did I care? It was Koko! What could she possibly have in her closet?

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