What you don’t know about Skid Row

“Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Skid Row is a 50-block community, where over 4,000 homeless people call their home. Considered one of the largest homeless populations in the country, Skid Row is typically a place where people go when they have nothing left. No job. No house. No money. Still, many continue to hold on to something that no economic recession or house foreclosure will ever take away: their dreams. Dreams of making something of their lives. Dreams of giving their child a better life than their own. Dreams of helping others who face the same problems they do”.

~ Jubilee Project

“We tell stories that inspire change”

One thought on “What you don’t know about Skid Row

  1. Please help this 8 year old boy reach his goal in helping the homeless of Los Angels Skid Row keep warm by donating a “Gentle Used Blanket”. We may not see a change today, but we can start today by working towards a change.

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