Water Saving Tips: Two for One Bathing & Washing a Car in Under Four Minutes

curly shower

California is experiencing the worst dry weather spell on record and water conservation should be a priority for everyone. I’m doing my part, like no longer brushing my teeth or shaving in the shower. Actually I’m killing two birds with one stone, saving water and getting a lower body workout squatting to reach the faucet knob and to rinse the razor under the spigot several times per shower.

The downside is I’m using more cotton balls, antiseptic, tourniquets, and band-aids, and will most likely require skin grafts before all this is over. Oh, and since I no longer brush the grill while showering, there have been mornings when once out of the shower tooth brushing completely slipped my mind, which in the long run probably saves a few additional quarts of H2O those days.

So these days I’m always thinking of ways to save water. Just this morning during coffee I suddenly heard what sounded like a huge tank of liquid emptying, a glub-glub-glub sound coming from the kitchen. Turned out the sound was coming from the kitchen sink drain. I picked up the drain strainer (or whatever it’s called) and peered down the drain hole seeing only darkness, but the mysterious “glub-glub-glub” sound continued.

I returned to my coffee and thought nothing more of it. A few hours later my neighbor called asking If I could help him turn on his water heater. I went over and sure enough his water tank seemed lifeless. So I knocked on it. My neighbor looked at me. I knocked again. Then I thought it was kinda funny and kept knocking to see how long he would just stand there watching me knock on his water tank. Finally he asked “how long are you going to knock”? I gave him a serious look and said “you’re gonna think I’m nuts but I think your tank is empty” and went on to share my earlier experience of hearing what sounded like a huge tank of water emptying. He looked at me like I was nuts and said “lets go outside and check under the house”. We looked, nothing there. I guess we were looking for a wet spot. He then phoned the landlord. I waived goodbye and while leaving heard him telling the landlord my story. So I may be nuts, but I’m the one with the hot water.



Back home I decided to bathe the girls, they’re overdue. Instead of doing one chi at a time, I dropped both in the same sudsy tub, then just sort of rubbed them together. Well, not a tub really, but rather the kitchen sink.

Rub a dub dub, two chi’s in a tub!



After a good shake and towel dry the girls soaked up some rays basking in the sun while I prepared my shopping list and brushed my teeth since I forgot earlier. Sticking them out in the sun saves energy too since they won’t be needing a blow-dry. The dogs I mean, not my teeth.


Clean and dried, we’re off in the Smarty to do errands.



First stop is World Ground Coffee, a short distance from the apartment. With the Chihuahua Anti-theft device engaged I head inside for a fresh cup of Saturday Arabica bliss. I love Saturdays, good things happen.

Next up, the car wash where I’ll demonstrate how to save time, money, and water, washing a car in under four minutes! Oh, and I’m even allowing time at the end to switch the knob over to “Wax Finish” for added shine. Four tokens = four minutes, Washed and Waxed, Viola!


Editors note: After watching the video timer it seems car washer’s get a bonus minute, like maybe it’s four tokens = five minutes. So yeah, it took a little longer than I thought. Should read “washed and waxed in under five minutes”, but still that’s pretty good.

The Smarty is now dust and dirt free which will reduce wind resistance and fuel consumption, and saving me some cash. Cha-ching! Oh, which reminds me, “Gung Hay Fat Choy!” for those of you celebrating Chinese New Year.


Now where was I? Oh shit, they’re at the car wash! I left the girls in the car at the car wash. Ooops, I’ll brb.

With the car washed and errands completed, “buckle up girls, we’re going home”!


Well, that’s enough excitement for one day. Exhausted, the girls are now settled in to their favorite siesta spots.

Enjoy your weekend all! Thanks for stopping by, and please add your own water saving tips below.

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