Water Saving Tips: Two for One Bathing & Washing a Car in Under Four Minutes

curly shower

California is experiencing the worst dry weather spell on record and water conservation should be a priority for everyone. I’m doing my part, like no longer brushing my teeth or shaving in the shower. Actually I’m killing two birds with one stone, saving water and getting a lower body workout squatting to reach the faucet knob and to rinse the razor under the spigot several times per shower.

The downside is I’m using more cotton balls, antiseptic, tourniquets, and band-aids, and will most likely require skin grafts before all this is over. Oh, and since I no longer brush the grill while showering, there have been mornings when once out of the shower tooth brushing completely slipped my mind, which in the long run probably saves a few additional quarts of H2O those days.

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